Friday, September 30, 2011

The Bread Beckers

Homemade Fettuccine made with freshly ground Kamut

Yesterday Keith watched the children while I was away taking my very first cooking class at the Bread Becker's!!

I have always wanted to participate in a cooking class, but distance created an obstacle from seeing that take place.

I told Keith I smiled like a kid with a new toy the whole first hour!

The class was on making your own homemade pasta from freshly ground grains using a pasta machine they offer called Pasta Master 2000. It also entailed cooking a couple of dishes using the brown rice pasta (already made) that they offer as well.  The brown rice pasta is a great alternative for those who cannot tolerate gluten.

Honestly, even though we eat plenty of pasta, it was not the subject matter that prompted me to go as much as the simple fact that this was the very next class available and I couldn't wait any longer! As the class ended, I have now added (much to the dismay of my husband's wallet) the pasta machine to my wish list. For two major reasons:

1- Homemade Pasta is Super Neat
~ you can make all kinds of shapes and sizes
~ easy
~ only 2 ingredients
~ would also make great gift ideas if you chose to dry it

2- Homemade Pasta is Super Tasty
~ they recommend that you use Kamut (possibly the type grain that Joseph stored during the 7 good years in Genesis) which is 30 percent higher in Vit. E than freshly ground whole wheat and has a lower gluten content with a buttery taste.
~ of course, like all the grains, it should be freshly ground to retain all the nutrients and it produces a very nice taste that doesn't seem "wheaty" at all.

I was impressed and though at this time in our life making our own pasta and getting a new machine is not
something that we will pursue, when the timing is right we will hopefully become spaghetti, fettuccine, linguine, ravioli, penne, lasagna making pros!

* A couple of neat tips I learned in the class:

1- The starchy water that you are left with after boiling pasta can be saved and used in bread making for a softer loaf.

2- You can add powdered spice mixes and powdered-dehydrated veggies (like spinach, carrots, tomatoes, etc...) into your flour before mixing and you have a beautiful, extra nutritious, colored pasta.

So thankful to be close to Bread Beckers,

p.s. The class was excellent and Ashley did a fantastic job! It only cost me $6 and we were able to eat a little of everything that she cooked! Be sure to visit the Bread Beckers web site to see all their great products and check out the upcoming cooking classes.


  1. How fun! I have a grain mill, but I've never tried making 100% whole wheat pasta. I've also never tried making anything with Kamut. But I have made pasta by hand numerous times... no special machine required :) Just LOTS of muscle!!

  2. Nichole, Stacey is the Canadian blogger who stayed with me a while ago ;-) - was so cool. Just another cool thing abt blogging, you meet some awesome people!! we've known each other since Caleb was a baby.

  3. If you ever want to take another Bread Beckers class, I'd love to go with you! I LOVE learning from them, but don't love going to classes by myself. It's so much more fun with friends! All I've taken so far is their introductory class, and I'm interested in EVERYTHING they teach!!! ;)