Saturday, October 30, 2010

Meet Meghan Elizabeth! #4

My name is Meghan. I am six years old and in the first grade. My favorite color is red. I like to play with my American Girl Dolls, Molly and the twins. It is especially fun when my sisters, Madison, Morgan, and Mallory play with me. I love to go swimming in the summertime. I like to draw and color and paint. I like to ride my bike. I like to ride horses. I like to do the monkey bars on the playground.

I have played Upward Soccer for the last two years. It is fun. This year I joined the drama team at church and I like it alot. I like for my mama to cook chicken and dumplings for me. My favorite dessert is chocolate pot de creme. Yum! Mama likes for me to help with Maleah, my baby sister, sometimes and I don't mind it at all. She is sweet.

Just a note from mama and daddy:
Meghan has long, dark brown hair and brown eyes. Some say that when Meghan smiles, so do her eyes. They seem to sparkle. She has olive skin and a brown birth mark on the back of her leg. We tell her it is because of all the chocolate her mama ate while she was in the womb. Meghan has a shy and timid personality. She is also one of the sweetest little girls. Behind that pretty little smile, Meghan may very well be up to some kind of mischief!!She has been our "wanderer". If we aren't careful, we can look around after a few minutes and Meghan will be out of sight. Meghan, though somewhat quiet and bashful, has a determination in her that has surprised us all. Looking back over the last few years we can see how Meghan has basically taught herself how to swing, ride her bike, swim with no help, and even read!! Schooling her has been a breeze. She will pick up her sister's fourth grade book and try to read every word. Sounding out the words until they make sense to her. Although at this point Meghan has not vocalized the desire to know Christ as her personal Savior, we can see that through His Word and our desire to raise her in the nurture and admonition of the Lord, her heart is becoming tender and God is drawing her to Himself!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

One Dynamic Duo!

Our family came across a recipe a few weeks ago that showed a scrumptious looking pumpkin pie. After bringing home several pumpkins from our trip to the mountains, we were all craving this pie! Unique to your normal pumpkin pie recipe, this one called for some sweet potato. The kids said, "Yuck!". We decided to do a little research and see why the creator of this recipe recommended such an addition. Sweet potato was said to "enhance" the pumpkin flavor. I assured the kids they would not taste sweet potato, but only "enhanced" pumpkin. Fast forward a couple of weeks and we have enjoyed 4 of these yummy pies. We all agree that the recipe is a keeper.

Now if you would humor me for a few minutes, let's say Keith is the pumpkin and I am the sweet potato.  Biblically we know that the woman was created for the man, to be his helpmeet. I truly believe that a major part of being a helpmeet would definitely be as an enhancer. The dictionary defines enhance as to make greater, better, to heighten. 

I honestly do not remember going into marriage thinking that I would like to spend my time and effort helping Keith become greater and better. I loved him, but I wanted to become greater and better. Over the years my love for him has grown and become more sacrificial as I have learned what God's Word has to say about the role of a wife. I now have a strong desire for God to use me to help Keith reach the heights of all that God has intended for him. Because really when I do this, it will only take me higher as well. So, what are some ways that my "sweet potato" self can enhance my big hunk of a pumpkin?

1- Choose to become a joyful woman.  Smile a lot. Learn to laugh a lot. It is even okay to get silly from time to time.

2- Learn his strengths. Acknowledge that his gifting in whatever area is what he probably receives great fulfillment in. Begin to encourage him and cheer for him. Show him respect and honor for his decisions and his hard work for the family.

3- Show gratitude. It is so important that we become grateful and thankful women. Grateful for everything we have. Concentrate and focus on the good and don't let the devil take your mind down into the pit for all the things you don't have.

4- Provide him a warm, comfortable, and clean home. His time at home is so short and so treasured that we should spend some of our day getting ready for that time. Whether that is fixing nice home-cooked meals, straightening up an hour before he arrives, making sure he always has clean underclothes, playing soft music, lighting a few candles. Whatever you know that makes your husband happy will be worth putting the energy towards.

5- Physically love him. Enough said.

So ladies, I pray that every time you see a sweet potato and a pumpkin in the grocery store, God will bring to your remembrance that you are to enhance that great husband of yours. Make him greater. Make him better. Take him higher.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Why Do We Do What We Do?

Sunday morning we had the privilege to begin revival services at church with a very special man to our family, Dr. Gerald Harris. We have known Dr. Harris for almost 5 years now. It was an instant connection with him.  His sincere love for our children as he engaged them in conversation and his mentorship to us over the years has been a gift to us from the Lord. His friendship made this Sunday extra special for us. We were honored to have him perform the dedication service of Maleah.

As he called our entire family to the front, including the grandparents, he began to tell us why we do what we do when we choose to take a special time to dedicate our children to the Lord. He gave us two biblical accounts of similar stories. The first story was when Hannah, who had desperately wanted a child for some time, took Samuel to the temple to dedicate him to the Lord just as she had promised. The second was when Joseph and Mary took baby Jesus to Jerusalem to present Him to the Lord.

He gave a challenge from God's Word to our immediate family beginning with us and then to the children. Maleah will not only learn from her parents, but the siblings have such an influential role as well. It seems as if Madison is thinking this part over as he speaks!

Next, from Proverbs 17:6, he challenged the grandparents (Papa and Granna) to make a commitment to help us in our training in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. He also asked them to commit to see that Maleah received this Biblical training in case anything ever happened to us. They agreed. They are great in honoring our leadership as parents in our children's lives. They really try to adhere to our desires whether they be physical or spiritual. That is such a great help for us. We are blessed with these two!

Thirdly, he asked that the entire church stand and commit to be one more reinforcement in Maleah's life. Prayerfully as God uses the mom and dad, the siblings, the grandparents, and the body of Christ to teach, train, discipline, love, and guide little Maleah during her lifetime, she will hear and see the gospel of the Lord Jesus lived out on a daily basis and one day trust Him as Lord and Savior.

As we came to a close, Dr. Harris asked Keith to take Maleah to symbolize him being the spiritual leader of the home. He then asked Nichole to come along side of Keith to symbolize the support that is needed for a healthy marriage so that Maleah would feel security and freedom to follow Christ with all of her heart. We had a sweet moment of prayer as we dedicated Maleah's upbringing to our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Pray for us as we try to train and raise a family that is a blessing to the Kingdom!

Keith and Nichole

Monday, October 25, 2010

I'm Shaking Like Crazy!

On October 21, 2010, my daughter, Morgan, and I got up early to leave Waycross around 6 AM with a friend, Jimmy Lynn, to go hunting in Pearson, GA. We went into an area that is a river swamp most of the year. The area was suggested by Walter James, another friend that owns and manages the property. I had been in that area bow hunting earlier in the season and saw three doe so I knew where we would be setting up our ground blind. We made our journey through the woods as quiet as we could and even saw one deer's eyes with our flash lights on the way in. After making a 200 yard walk, I got our blind set up and we were ready and settled at least 10 minutes before daybreak.

We sat there for a good while and did not see much movement. After two and half hours, Morgan whispered quietly, "Daddy, what time is it?" I whispered back, "9:30. Why? Are you ready to go?" She answered, "Yes. I am tired." I told her that we needed to try and stay for 30 more minutes if we could. She said, "Okay." and silently prayed for God to allow us to see a deer.

A few minutes passed and I looked to my left toward the trail where I expected the deer to come and saw a buck walking down the trail. I told Morgan to be very still because it looked like he was alerted by our ground blind being in his area. I reached down to get my rifle and leaned back to see the deer, Morgan was being very still just as I asked her. I think the buck saw me move in the blind because he turned and went back 5-10 yards in the direction he came. His move gave me time to get my rifle out of the front window of the blind for a shot. His move also allowed Morgan to see him and we both watched him stop, turn, and look back in our direction.

I whispered, "Can you see him?" She replied softly and with excitement, "Yes!" I made sure my crosshairs where on him, and then pulled the trigger.

A great day together in the woods.

It looked as though he was hit as he made his way back down the trail. I got out of the blind, walked over to where I thought he was standing and found his blood trail. Meanwhile, Morgan had used my phone to text her mother, "Daddy shot at a deer and is looking to see if he got it. I am shaking like crazy."

I went back to the spot where our blind was set up to gather up our gear. Once we got the blind down and the chairs together, Morgan and I walked over about 20 yards from where we were hunting to began tracking his blood trail. After about 40 yards of tracking, she spotted him and we both celebrated the blessing of God by being together and having the privilege of harvesting a 170-175lb, 7 pointer.

To God be the glory! It will be day that she and I will never forget. Getting a deer was special, but being together, in the woods, talking back and forth was priceless.


Saturday, October 23, 2010

Meet Mallory Nichole! #3

   Hi! I am Mallory or as some of my family call me, Moo. Sometimes it is Moo-Moo. Daddy came up with that one and it has stuck all of these years. I am eight years old. A lot of people tell me that I look like my Nana. She was my daddy's mother. She passed away when he was 19 years old. I wish I could have met her. When I was a baby my family said that I reminded them of Barney off of the Andy Griffith show! Big eyes and a big mouth and a skinny, little body!

Some of my interests are: I like to ride horses. I like to spend time with my family. I like to go visit and spend the night with my Granna and Papa. We play games. Lots and lots of games. We watch a little t.v. and we go outside. Now that I am reading better, I really like to read. It gets me in trouble when mama asks me to do something and I want to keep reading! My favorite playmates are my sisters. I have played soccer for two years and I love it. I enjoy singing in the children's choir and acting with the drama team. My favorite subject in school is History. It is very interesting. My favorite color is red. It is pretty and dark. I love to watch the Georgia Bulldogs play football with my daddy. I like to bake brownies and make homemade pizzas with my mama. I like to go hunting with my daddy.

Just a note from mama and daddy:
Mallory is a bright young girl with long brown hair and big, big blue eyes. She is tall and slender like her daddy. As she grows, so does her gracefulness. She is a go-getter. She is a hard worker. She loves playing with the little ones. She will try and try until she gets things like she wants them. When we need to find something, we call Mallory. ( So nice to have a kid like this around!) She has a growing desire to help out in the kitchen with the cooking and cleaning. She likes to tinker with things. She wants to know the why and how about everything. A good quality to have we keep telling ourselves!! In our home Mallory has been known for her stubbornness. We do not like to put labels on the children, but we do want to recognize areas that may need working on for the Glory of Christ. So, we would like to see this stubbornness used for His glory. Persistence, endurance, perseverance, boldness and courage to stand on God's Word. We are beginning to see this develop in Mallory. Recently, Keith broke a hunting record while on a trip with Mallory. She was determined they were going to kill a deer. She kept him in the woods for nearly 6 hours in one sitting!! Ouch! The outcome was no deer. No, not even a squirrel. Keith doesn't even remember birds chirping. Way to go, Mallory. You hang in there girl. God is going to give you a deer!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Change My Heart

Change my heart, O God....
     when Maleah has awakened for the third time in the middle of the night.

Change my heart, O God....
     when Stephen yells, "no!" after I ask him to do something.

Change my heart, O God....
     when Joshua whines again as things don't go his way.

Change my heart, O God....
     when I find Meghan playing with toys instead of picking up her clothes as she was told.

Change my heart, O God....
     when Mallory argues and debates the wishes of her mother.

Change my heart, O God....
     when Morgan face turns into a 2 yr. old pout when I ask her to help with the dishes or start her school.

Change my heart, O God.....
      when I find out Madison has tried to manipulate a 4 yr. old to do her dirty work.

Change my heart, O God...
      when Saturday's with Keith are filled with hunting and football games.

Yes, these are just a few of the things that we find ourselves dealing with on a daily basis in the Boggs household. I am not focusing on the negative. I am only identifying with the reality of the kinds of things that make me act in a way that is not Christ-like and my desire is that during these situations that God would indeed "Change my heart." This song goes on to say...."Make it ever true. Change my Heart, O God. May I be like you."

Grant me love. Grant me joy. Grant me peace. Grant me patience. Grant me kindness. Grant me goodness. Grant me gentleness. Grant me self-control. May I be like you!


Monday, October 18, 2010

Blessed is the man...

Over the last few days, I had the privilege to get away for a few days with my family to one of my favorite spots, the mountains. We also had the privilege to spend some of that time with several senior adults in our church family. After spending a few days in Dillard, GA with those in our church family we drove over to Chattanooga, TN to my niece's (Jenah) wedding. While in the mountains with family and friends, I came away with a fresh appreciation of "Blessed is the man."

A family picture at the Saw Mill demonstration while
visiting the Georgia Mountain Fair in Hiawassee, GA

The Bible teaches in the book of James that life moves at a rapid pace. If we're not careful we could be missing a lot of the blessings. One of the things that the Lord has taught me from His Word in Ephesians 5:15-17 is that I need to pay close attention to how I am living because life is passing by and if I'm not careful I could be out of God's will. While in the mountains, God gave me the to privilege to pay close attention to how He has blessed me, how He is blessing me, and how He wants to continue blessing me.

There was no TV, no Internet, and no newspaper, and some had no hot water!! (our cabin had hot water praise the Lord-another one of His blessings!) It was great!  We drove up on Wednesday and basically took our time. When we arrived we had a BBQ meal that was waiting on us and after the meal several enjoyed singing old gospel hymns together. On Thursday we got up and spent time together as a family reading and discussing our devotion on Persevere To WIN from, an emphasis on being a church that wins. In that study, Dennis Woods wrote on The Spirit of Adversity. Before we left that morning on our to way the Georgia Mountain Fair, as a family, we wanted to be: 1) Winners and not whiners! 2) Champions and not complainers! The next day God gave us another thought and we added 3) As a family, let's persevere and not pout!

L-R: Mallory, Maleah, Madison, Morgan,
Meghan, Stephen, and Joshua

Why winners and not whiners? Why champions and not complainers? Why persevere and not pout? We are a family that has been blessed!! God has been good to us and we want to give Him glory! We want ALL the glory to go to Him! He has been faithful to us in so many ways! During our time together as a family we went to the Georgia Mountain Fair, caught several trout, laughed, cried (we will tell you why later in the week), played, and sang. We read God's Word together, prayed together, and enjoyed our church family together. We then visited other family members at a Christ honoring wedding where some heard the gospel of Jesus Christ and were saved!!! We also drove safely for several hundred miles, ate great meals, and on and on. I can honestly say that we were blessed! We are blessed!

Concluding thought... after spending a few days in the foliage with family and friends, God reminded me in a simple way that He is the One who is ultimately responsible for Blessed is the man... And I give Him glory for blessing this man!

- Psalm 1:1-3 -
Blessed is the man
Who walks not in the counsel of the ungodly,
Nor stands in the path of sinners,
Nor sits in the seat of the scornful;
But his delight is in the law of the Lord,
And in His law he meditates day and night.
He shall be like a tree
Planted by the rivers of water,
That brings forth its fruit in its season,
Whose leaf also shall not wither;
And whatever he does shall prosper.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Meet Morgan Gail! #2

Hi, my name is Morgan Boggs. I am the second of the Boggs children. I was born February 6, 2001 in Waycross, Georgia at 6:30 a.m. I have four sisters and two brothers. We have been back in Waycross, Ga now for two years.

I love to ride my bike. I would really like to do gymnastics. I enjoy playing outside when it isn't so hot. I love my American Girl dolls, Josephina and Chrissa. My favorite color is green and purple. I like to draw and paint. When we can, I like to watch movies and play on the computer. I like to pick pretty flowers. I loooove to play with kittens and puppies! Catching bugs is cool too! I like to go hunting with my daddy. I took horse-riding lessons when we lived in Harlem. I love to ride horses when I can. I also have learned to sew a little since we have moved back and I enjoy doing that too. Reading is fun too.

I have been blessed to have a wonderful family. Hope you have fun reading this. Bye!


Note from mama and daddy:
Morgan has brown hair and big, beautiful, blue eyes. She has been our "wild" child since the beginning. Soooo much energy and into everything. We were sure she was supposed to be a boy. But God made her too pretty to be a boy and she is growing into a lovely young lady. When Morgan does something (except for cleaning her room), she gives it 100 percent. She is a hard worker and a big helper in the home. She takes care of the little ones when she is needed. She is beginning to learn to cook and bake and sew. She takes initiative in getting things done. She is such a giver. We can remember one time when she brought a twenty dollar bill to give one morning at church. That was half of her money! We so wanted to talk her out of it, but decided to trust God to bless her back. Morgan has a tender heart and can cry the biggest tears. We can't wait to see how God will use all the gifts that He has given her in the days to come.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Spicin' Things Up!

7 Spice Venison Chili

Oh yeah, these cooler days are calling for chili in our house. Our kids were so excited about the cooler weather that they came out from their bedrooms with coats, hats and mittens on the other day. No, I am not lying. I told them to go and change, but they said it was really "cold" outside. I let them go on out and play and sure enough thirty minutes later I found them stripping off the snow clothes and throwing them on the playground floor. Maybe not as cold as they thought, huh?!

Well, all we need is a slight nip in the air and out come the spices from the pantry and meat in the skillet. We all love chili around here, so I thought I would share how we spice it up here and maybe you can tell us what other spices your family has used and liked in the past for that great pot of chili!

By the way, for those of us who like to get technical about things, I am including herbs in this "spice" category. I know it is not correct, but we like the number seven around here and the herbs make a complete seven ingredient list for us. Thanks for understanding and Enjoy!

3 pounds of ground venison (beef works great, and for extra spice try a little ground sausage)
1 diced onion (we prefer Vidalia)
2 large cans of whole tomatoes (we try to use organic and the best is what we get to can ourselves)
2-3 cups of chicken or beef broth (we make our own and will give you that recipe another time!)
3-4 cups of kidney, pinto, or great northern beans (we soak dry beans for 7-8 hrs. and cook them)

This is where my exact ingredients go out the door. You just add a whole lot of these. Especially the first two. But, don't add a whole lot at one time. Go easy until you get it just like you like it. Some like it spicier than others. We like it really spicy, because we will add cheese and sour cream as toppings and eat it with homemade cornbread (I will give you that recipe another time as well!).

The Spices (ok, spices and herbs)
Chili powder
Garlic powder

Brown the meat and onion at the same time in a large skillet. I always season my meat with salt and pepper during this process. Drain and rinse if you like. Puree two cans of tomatoes and then pour into large stockpot along with broth and beans. Add the meat and onion. This is where you just shake and shake and taste and taste. Let all of this simmer for a couple hours until juice begins to thicken and flavors begin to incorporate into the perfect chili for "cold" fall days, like today!

Oh, and please don't forget to add salt and pepper as needed. Yes, I know that brings the number to nine. Oh well.

Love ya'll,


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Honored to be a Member

"And let us consider one another in order to stir up love and good works, not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as is the manner of some, but exhorting one another , and so much the more as you see the Day approaching." Hebrews 10:24-25

The past few weeks I have been reminded again and again about the importance of being a part of a fellowship of believers in God's Word, the Holy Bible.

       By the lives of the faithful.
       By the smiles of the joyful.
       By the actions of the pure.

       To go deeper.
       To walk further.
       To give more.

       God's Word is my standard.
       God is Holy and desires for me to be Holy.
       God's truth illuminates my sinful self.

       To be a Christian.
       To have an eternal home in Heaven.
       God loves me.

       By His presence and His Spirit as the Word
       of God is proclaimed by my faithful pastor and teacher.
So ladies, when the morning (or evening) has been rough, you are running late, and you have lost your cool as you try so hard to get everyone ready for church. Remember, you will be glad you made it. We need it.

Love you,

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Drink From Your Own Cup, Please!

Proverbs 5: 15,  "Drink water from your own cistern, and running water from your own well."

We have been married for almost 13 years now. Experts in the field we are not, but one thing is for sure we are not immune to the fact that so many marriages are falling apart all around us. This is one of the reasons that we have decided to try to safeguard and protect our own marriage by setting certain standards that we will not compromise on. We believe that these are just some of the things that have helped protect our marriage from the temptation of "drinking water from another cistern".

1. We never go anywhere alone with the opposite sex. If at all possible we never ride alone with the opposite sex. We never have meals alone with the opposite sex.  Keith is a pastor and he will not meet alone during a counseling session with a female (unless their 70 or older!!). You get our point. Depending on circumstances this may be more difficult for some than it is for a stay at home mom, but with prayer and creativity we all can make a point to never compromise in this area.

2. We limit our conversations with the opposite sex. This is where discernment comes in. When the opposite sex begins to talk with you about their spouse, a big red flag is being raised and we should lovingly guide the conversation to something else or bring it to a close. We never share intimate details of our lives with the opposite sex. The conversations are kind and courteous, but mostly brief. If the opposite sex needs counsel or  encouragement then we can guide them toward our spouse or another individual that we feel can help meet their needs. This includes e-mails, texting, and phone conversations.

3. We guard our eyes with the opposite sex. In our day and time, this is almost an impossibity. But, there are some things that we can do. We can turn the television during commercials while watching our favorite college football team play. We can turn our head when walking by Victoria Secret in the mall. We can fasten our eyes on the register instead of the magazines at the grocery store. For us, we have had to choose to limit time spent with friends because of the seductive way that we feel they dress. It is uncomfortable for both the husband and the wife. Men are strongly tempted in this area. We as women need to help them out by dressing appropriately.

4. We guard our hearts with the opposite sex. So much time is spent away from the home and in the workplace in our culture. Many hours at work and little hours at home. We find ourselves spending as much or more time with people outside of our family than we do with our family. We would be naive to think that the enemy would never use this as opportunity to tempt us with an attraction for another woman or man. This is where the first 3 things will help protect, but we must also remember that prayer will give us strength to overcome. If someone other than our spouse begins to consume our mind then we must cry out to God to take those thoughts away and we must replace those thoughts with the one with whom we are married. Begin to put effort and energy into nourishing the relationship with your spouse. This will defeat the enemy's tactics and Christ will overcome.

We that are married have been blessed and privileged to display the gospel of the Lord Jesus in our marriage. May we drink from our own cup. And may we tell those who seem to want to take ours away, "Drink from your own cup, please!" "This cup is mine!"

Blessings on your marriage today! Keith and Nichole

Monday, October 4, 2010

God Give Us Some moMENtum!

If you are not moving forward each and every day, you are unfortunately sliding backwards. And that’s not the direction you want to be heading. Nobody, not even the best of us, can ever reach our objectives and achieve our goals going in the wrong direction. Men, we didn’t lose America, we gave her away. And if we’re not careful, the church, the bride of Christ is going to die in our arms. We need momentum...

It's time that men start leading the charge.

There has never been a time in our generation that the church has had a greater need for men to begin leading their own life, their family, their church, and their community.

3. MEN:
Men are the untapped reservoir of useful energy for God’s Kingdom. – Johnny Hunt

Let’s begin to see our role as men in God’s Word move from something we read in the Bible transform into a way of life.

5. The NEED:
96% of our nation’s youth do not have a Biblical Worldview and you and I are responsible.

Together everyone achieves more. We need men from generation to generation to lead the charge in taking responsibility to becoming a man that is fully devoted to Jesus Christ as Lord.

John 9:4, I must work the works of Him who sent Me while it is day; the night is coming when no one can work.

8. The MASTER:
Col. 3:23-24, And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men, [24] knowing that from the Lord you will receive the reward of the inheritance; for you serve the Lord Christ.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Meet Madison Suzanne! #1

I was born on August 18, 1999 at 1:00 p.m. in Waycross, GA. I lived there for three and an half years. I went to Pleasant Valley Baptist Church for one year and then I moved to Mt. Calvary Baptist Church in Hoboken, Ga. for almost 2 years. I made lots of friends and I liked the house that I lived in, but God had other plans. When I was 3 and 1/2 we moved to Harlem, GA and my daddy became the pastor of Old Union Baptist Church. I didn't know anyone.

When I was five I wanted to be saved. Daddy talked to me about it and we prayed. I was baptized the next Sunday. One Thursday a few years later, daddy sat us all down at the table and asked us if we wanted to move and live closer to Papa and Granna. I almost bursted into tears! I didn't want to move. I liked where we lived. I put my hands over my mouth because I was about to cry. I started to look around my room thinking that we would not be staying here much longer. I began to ask mama questions about it and she told me that we would go to Pleasant Valley Baptist Church where daddy would preach and the church would vote on us coming there. I hoped that they would vote no. But, when daddy preached and we went into the back, Bro. Andy Hickox came in and guess what he said? They voted yes. I was a little happy, but not much. Leaving Old Union was very sad. When the day came, I did not want to move. On top of that, we could not take our dog, Molly.

When we got to PVBC I did not know anybody because we had been in Harlem for five and an half years. Time went on and I did make lots of friends. One night I began to wonder if I was actually saved. When I was little I wanted to be saved because everyone else was. I kept on telling myself, "Madison, you are saved. Don't worry about it." Well, one night I was at Mrs. Susan Strickland's house and people were talking about others getting saved. I finally realized that I was not saved, so the next Wednesday after church I told my daddy about it. He talked to me about it and I was saved that night!! I was baptized soon after. Time has gone on and I have failed before Almighty God, but I have asked for forgiveness. It is September 30, 2010 and I have been listening to PVBC choir singing at the Choirfest. I feel like I never want to leave, but I know that one day I will. I wish that it isn't until I am married!

God Bless,

Just a note from Mama and Daddy:
Madison is a beautiful 11 year old girl with a big heart. She has dark blond hair with precious freckles and big blue eyes. She is a great big help in the home. She helps cook and clean. She is the best biscuit maker in the house, can we get an "Amen?" She loves to read. Mystery books are her favorite. She looooves people. If we could have someone for dinner every night, she would be thrilled! She also enjoys singing. Fall is her favorite time of the year. She tends to get silly and loves to have fun. She is a thinker. Always analyzing things. We are seeing God slowly grow her into a young lady. It is bittersweet because we know our time with her in the home is getting shorter.Our prayer is that God would greatly use her and grow her into a godly young woman who gives Him glory in all that she does.