Wednesday, October 27, 2010

One Dynamic Duo!

Our family came across a recipe a few weeks ago that showed a scrumptious looking pumpkin pie. After bringing home several pumpkins from our trip to the mountains, we were all craving this pie! Unique to your normal pumpkin pie recipe, this one called for some sweet potato. The kids said, "Yuck!". We decided to do a little research and see why the creator of this recipe recommended such an addition. Sweet potato was said to "enhance" the pumpkin flavor. I assured the kids they would not taste sweet potato, but only "enhanced" pumpkin. Fast forward a couple of weeks and we have enjoyed 4 of these yummy pies. We all agree that the recipe is a keeper.

Now if you would humor me for a few minutes, let's say Keith is the pumpkin and I am the sweet potato.  Biblically we know that the woman was created for the man, to be his helpmeet. I truly believe that a major part of being a helpmeet would definitely be as an enhancer. The dictionary defines enhance as to make greater, better, to heighten. 

I honestly do not remember going into marriage thinking that I would like to spend my time and effort helping Keith become greater and better. I loved him, but I wanted to become greater and better. Over the years my love for him has grown and become more sacrificial as I have learned what God's Word has to say about the role of a wife. I now have a strong desire for God to use me to help Keith reach the heights of all that God has intended for him. Because really when I do this, it will only take me higher as well. So, what are some ways that my "sweet potato" self can enhance my big hunk of a pumpkin?

1- Choose to become a joyful woman.  Smile a lot. Learn to laugh a lot. It is even okay to get silly from time to time.

2- Learn his strengths. Acknowledge that his gifting in whatever area is what he probably receives great fulfillment in. Begin to encourage him and cheer for him. Show him respect and honor for his decisions and his hard work for the family.

3- Show gratitude. It is so important that we become grateful and thankful women. Grateful for everything we have. Concentrate and focus on the good and don't let the devil take your mind down into the pit for all the things you don't have.

4- Provide him a warm, comfortable, and clean home. His time at home is so short and so treasured that we should spend some of our day getting ready for that time. Whether that is fixing nice home-cooked meals, straightening up an hour before he arrives, making sure he always has clean underclothes, playing soft music, lighting a few candles. Whatever you know that makes your husband happy will be worth putting the energy towards.

5- Physically love him. Enough said.

So ladies, I pray that every time you see a sweet potato and a pumpkin in the grocery store, God will bring to your remembrance that you are to enhance that great husband of yours. Make him greater. Make him better. Take him higher.


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