Monday, October 25, 2010

I'm Shaking Like Crazy!

On October 21, 2010, my daughter, Morgan, and I got up early to leave Waycross around 6 AM with a friend, Jimmy Lynn, to go hunting in Pearson, GA. We went into an area that is a river swamp most of the year. The area was suggested by Walter James, another friend that owns and manages the property. I had been in that area bow hunting earlier in the season and saw three doe so I knew where we would be setting up our ground blind. We made our journey through the woods as quiet as we could and even saw one deer's eyes with our flash lights on the way in. After making a 200 yard walk, I got our blind set up and we were ready and settled at least 10 minutes before daybreak.

We sat there for a good while and did not see much movement. After two and half hours, Morgan whispered quietly, "Daddy, what time is it?" I whispered back, "9:30. Why? Are you ready to go?" She answered, "Yes. I am tired." I told her that we needed to try and stay for 30 more minutes if we could. She said, "Okay." and silently prayed for God to allow us to see a deer.

A few minutes passed and I looked to my left toward the trail where I expected the deer to come and saw a buck walking down the trail. I told Morgan to be very still because it looked like he was alerted by our ground blind being in his area. I reached down to get my rifle and leaned back to see the deer, Morgan was being very still just as I asked her. I think the buck saw me move in the blind because he turned and went back 5-10 yards in the direction he came. His move gave me time to get my rifle out of the front window of the blind for a shot. His move also allowed Morgan to see him and we both watched him stop, turn, and look back in our direction.

I whispered, "Can you see him?" She replied softly and with excitement, "Yes!" I made sure my crosshairs where on him, and then pulled the trigger.

A great day together in the woods.

It looked as though he was hit as he made his way back down the trail. I got out of the blind, walked over to where I thought he was standing and found his blood trail. Meanwhile, Morgan had used my phone to text her mother, "Daddy shot at a deer and is looking to see if he got it. I am shaking like crazy."

I went back to the spot where our blind was set up to gather up our gear. Once we got the blind down and the chairs together, Morgan and I walked over about 20 yards from where we were hunting to began tracking his blood trail. After about 40 yards of tracking, she spotted him and we both celebrated the blessing of God by being together and having the privilege of harvesting a 170-175lb, 7 pointer.

To God be the glory! It will be day that she and I will never forget. Getting a deer was special, but being together, in the woods, talking back and forth was priceless.


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  1. I love this story! It sounds like Morgan is a great hunting buddy! She needs to teach me how to stay so still and quiet without falling asleep.. Buck is usually telling me to quit moving or laughing at me for falling asleep in the tree stand. I think turkey hunting is my favorite, and Morgan, I know that excitement and shaking! I cried from excitement after I shot my first turkey! Nice deer Morgan and Brother Keith!