Saturday, October 23, 2010

Meet Mallory Nichole! #3

   Hi! I am Mallory or as some of my family call me, Moo. Sometimes it is Moo-Moo. Daddy came up with that one and it has stuck all of these years. I am eight years old. A lot of people tell me that I look like my Nana. She was my daddy's mother. She passed away when he was 19 years old. I wish I could have met her. When I was a baby my family said that I reminded them of Barney off of the Andy Griffith show! Big eyes and a big mouth and a skinny, little body!

Some of my interests are: I like to ride horses. I like to spend time with my family. I like to go visit and spend the night with my Granna and Papa. We play games. Lots and lots of games. We watch a little t.v. and we go outside. Now that I am reading better, I really like to read. It gets me in trouble when mama asks me to do something and I want to keep reading! My favorite playmates are my sisters. I have played soccer for two years and I love it. I enjoy singing in the children's choir and acting with the drama team. My favorite subject in school is History. It is very interesting. My favorite color is red. It is pretty and dark. I love to watch the Georgia Bulldogs play football with my daddy. I like to bake brownies and make homemade pizzas with my mama. I like to go hunting with my daddy.

Just a note from mama and daddy:
Mallory is a bright young girl with long brown hair and big, big blue eyes. She is tall and slender like her daddy. As she grows, so does her gracefulness. She is a go-getter. She is a hard worker. She loves playing with the little ones. She will try and try until she gets things like she wants them. When we need to find something, we call Mallory. ( So nice to have a kid like this around!) She has a growing desire to help out in the kitchen with the cooking and cleaning. She likes to tinker with things. She wants to know the why and how about everything. A good quality to have we keep telling ourselves!! In our home Mallory has been known for her stubbornness. We do not like to put labels on the children, but we do want to recognize areas that may need working on for the Glory of Christ. So, we would like to see this stubbornness used for His glory. Persistence, endurance, perseverance, boldness and courage to stand on God's Word. We are beginning to see this develop in Mallory. Recently, Keith broke a hunting record while on a trip with Mallory. She was determined they were going to kill a deer. She kept him in the woods for nearly 6 hours in one sitting!! Ouch! The outcome was no deer. No, not even a squirrel. Keith doesn't even remember birds chirping. Way to go, Mallory. You hang in there girl. God is going to give you a deer!

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