Saturday, December 4, 2010

Speaking Thanksgiving: Part 2

Yesterday we attended our senior adults Christmas party. They try to meet once a month for food, fellowship, and some sort of activity. We try to attend as many as we can. We love to fellowship with these dear people and we love to see our children interact with them. It has been a great blessing for our family. The decorations were beautiful. The food was great. Everyone looked festive in their Christmas attire. After dinner we had great music as a guest played several songs on his saxophone.

Above is a wonderful picture of our children. But, there is alot that took place in effort to make this picture. I spoke the other day of speaking thanksgiving to others and I even listed several things that I was thankful for. Shortly after sending out that post I thought about how easy it is to be thankful for all the things that makes us happy. I then began to think that the depth of my thankfulness will be tested in the difficult circumstances in my life. Although the story behind this picture is very minor in respect to all the difficulties in life, I am still thankful for what took place. I learned a lesson this day.

Lesson for me: No group pictures taken during an event that will cause possible disruption and distraction. You see, we borrowed my daddy's camera for a couple of days to take some photos for the blog and I thought since I had his camera I should take full opportunity of it. How often do all 7 children match and look this cute with such a great backdrop? It was too tempting. BUT, how difficult can it be to get all 7 children to look at the camera and smile like they are happy and love each other dearly? I know this and yet I forget....only to be reminded pretty quickly.

Not only did I catch Madison yawning, Meghan was on the brink of crying (she is done with pictures after the first shot), and Stephen had refused to pose and be a part of this memorable moment and so.....

We lose Stephen. Yes, he disappears temporarily. In this picture he has collapsed onto the floor beside his brother Joshua and so we are disrupting and distracting at this point. Picture time is done.

The first picture on this post with everyone somewhat smiling was taken after everything was over and only a few people were left. I also used a candy cane as a bribe, which I never do and it was a mistake. We had major melt down afterwards because I didn't break off a big enough piece or something and so chaos and confusion and craziness began. I learned that I put our children in a position, that if I would have thought more carefully about it I would have chosen not to, for increased possible failure.

I am also thankful that when we came home ( I had to get the attention of Keith to come and help me because the problem only escalated and I wasn't sure I could get them home by myself) we disciplined those who needed it and then Keith and I talked about the situation and decided to make some guidelines for them and to communicate with them our expectations. The very next day after our family Bible time we had a family meeting just like a coach would with his team. We talked of the previous day's situation and of our expectations for them. We not only talked with them, we practiced as if we were in a certain situation and how they needed to respond. It was Keith's idea. And, I loved it. I felt like we were working together as a team to help our children win.  

I pray that our children walked away from our meeting today feeling like they were loved and cared for and that mama and daddy really do want what is best for them . 

I am thankful.....

for stressful moments such as these that give us times to learn from our mistakes. 

for my mother who tried her best to help me calm some down, reason with others, and carry a little one  in her arms.

for others seeing that our family is just as real as the next. 

for a husband who came along my side and helped me see my error.

for a husband who lovingly corrected our children and creatively showed us all how we can do better.

for children who listened attentively. 

for humbling moments that make me realize my mothering is dependent upon a Holy God working through me.     

"Count it all joy when you fall into various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience. But let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing." James 1:2-4       


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