Saturday, April 9, 2011

Beautiful Hair!

While these last few weeks have been trying, taking care of sick children and washing everything in sight, during nap time one day I decided to get out that Beautiful Hair Treatment that I bought from the Bulk Herb Store a couple of years ago. It had been in my freezer along with many other herbs that I have gotten from them over the last few years. In the directions it stated that a good time to do this might be when you know your husband will be gone for a day or two and since Keith was out of town, I thought this time would be great.

Of course, I couldn't resist doing it together with all of the older girls (except the sick one).

Bless her heart, she was only able to lay down and watch. Although a little Vitamin D did her some good!

After mixing all the ingredients and getting chairs and towels set up outside, we began slopping that stuff all over their heads!

At this point they are not so sure about what I had talked them into doing.
We all agreed that it smelled like Maleah's feet after taking off her leather shoes after she had been running around and sweating in them all day! We sure hope this is worth it???!!

I can promise you that we did not do this to "turn heads", but I have to admit that catching Stephen in this picture was too cute to pass up. He was really just wondering what in the world we were up to. I had to get a picture of the finished product. Even after wearing that stuff in our hair for an hour or so and then only rinsing it out until the next day when we would finally wash it, it was fun. I can honestly say that the girls have healthy hair anyway, but I knew this treatment would do them some good. And, yes, I took part as well. I just decided to spare you the sights of that one!

The mixture consists of different herbs that are good for the skin, body, and hair. Herbs like oatstraw, chamomile, horsetail/shavegrass, and nettle. To it you add some lemon juice or vinegar, a couple of eggs, and olive oil or mayonnaise. Our particular blend was for blond hair. I bought it to use on myself. As you can see, Madison, who is the oldest, and Morgan, the second oldest have some blond highlights (natural) and the treatment really enhanced those highlights. My hair is slightly blonder than theirs and it really made the blond look lighter. My hair is very soft and seems so free of all the chemicals that I put on it with hairspray and gel, etc...

Doing this a couple times a year is all they recommend and probably all that we would do, but it is definitely worth the time and the smell.

If you are interested, you can check out the Beautiful Hair Treatment and much more about herbs and such over at



  1. Just look at those beautiful girls! Beautiful inside and out!! Me and my girls will have to give this a try. I'm a little disappointed to see no pictures of you Nichole! Poor little Mallory... just want to give her a great big hug and cuddle.

  2. I may have to try that..thanks!