Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Surprise!

Keith and Nichole,
What a timely match.
God gave us to each other.
There was no need to catch.
Madison, Morgan, Mallory, and Meghan
were special gifts sent to us from Heaven.
But, would we have a little boy one day?
A year and a half later Joshua was on the way.
Would he get a brother...a playmate even?
"Yes!" was the answer when God gave us Stephen.
God is Salvation and Crowned Victorious!
We pray these two boys for God's Kingdom will be glorious!
Joy, sweetness, and laughter is what we needed.
Maleah Grace, full of them all, soon proceeded.
Is our family complete, O Lord?
For the answer we would wait.
"Not Yet", says the Lord.
So we welcome baby #8!

Well, this is the poem that we had the children read on the Lord's Resurrection Day because we couldn't think of a more special time to celebrate what God is still doing in the lives of His people. All of them were very excited and even today at lunch, our three year old told his daddy, "Daddy, Mama's gonna have another baby." We just laughed and Keith said, "Really? How did you find out before I did?" Of course, Stephen thought this was fantastic that he told his daddy something he didn't already know!

Lord willing that everything goes well, we will welcome a new little life in the beginning of December. That will only make 3 birthdays, 1 anniversary, and Christmas in the same month. What better time to celebrate?!

Praising the Lord,



  1. Very Excited For Yall!!!!!!!

  2. Congratulations! What a wonderful blessing :)