Thursday, June 16, 2011

My All Pro Dad!

Gene Boggs - My All Pro Dad
A few weeks ago my brothers (Larry and Kenny) and sister (Wanda) and I along with our families had a 70th birthday party for our dad. It was a great time and blessing. We invited 70 of his friends and family to the party at Legion Park in Austell, GA where we all participated in recreational sports as children and our dad coached the boys in baseball while Wanda was a cheerleader.

As I was thinking about my dad and what to give him for his birthday, I wanted it to be special and meaningful. The Lord brought my attention to what a retired man shared with me while having the privilege of serving as a Family Revivalist for Life Action Ministries during a Summit in Jackson, MI at Bethel Baptist Church. During that Summit on the Saturday we hosted a Home Life Cafe (4hrs of teaching on the family). The retired man told me that the 50 Ways to Coach Your Children was "good stuff" and very helpful. 50 Ways to Coach Your Children was something I typed up and gave to every dad from a book I have in my office by Steve Farrar entitled, Anchor Man How a Father Can Anchor His Family in Christ for the Next 100 Years.

As I thought about that man's encouragement, I took the time to sit down and write a letter to my dad, letting him know 70 things he coached me in throughout life. It was a blessing to think through certain things my dad has coached me in as a boy, teenager, young adult, and now a husband and a father. I would like to share the list with you, maybe you will want to do something similar for your dad on Father's Day. Below is the text of the letter I wrote...

To My All-Pro Dad,
Below is a list of things that you have coached me in over the years. Although some of your coaching was very intentional, some of the things I learned from you came out of how you have lived your life over the years. You have made a big difference in my life and for that I would like to say that you are an All-Pro Dad!
70 ways you have coached me that have and will impact me and my family…

1. You coached me how to give 110 per cent in everything.
2. You coached me that men protect women.
3. You coached me how to respect and obey authority—parents, teachers, pastors, police officers, etc.
4. You coached me how to do a job right—the first time.
5. You coached me how to do what is right when no one else is around.
6. You coached me not to lie.
7. You coached me how to be a gentleman.
8. You coached me how to stand up to a bully and defend myself.
9. You coached me that when you said “No.” You meant, “No.”
10. You coached me that honesty is the best policy.
11. You coached me how to be able to stand alone.
12. You coached me how to be a follower, so that one day I could be a leader.
13. You coached me that it is a father’s job to provide for his family.
14. You coached me how to know what to look for in a wife.
15. You coached me that there is nothing that I could ever do that would make you stop loving me.
16. You coached me how to spend the time scouting for deer so that opening day would be a success.
17. You coached me how to fish slow and to set the hook.
18. You coached me to look people in the eyes whether I am speaking to them or listening to them.
19. You coached me how to tie a “Texas Rig” and a “Carolina Rig” knot so that I could bass fish alone.
20. You coached me how to catch fish from the back of the boat.
21. You coached me that hard work pays off.
22. You coached me how to steady the rifle, take a deep breath, and to squeeze the trigger.
23. You coached me not to get to close to a deer trail.
24. You coached me how to step toward the outside pitch and drive the ball to right field.
25. You coached me to get in front of the ball and to keep my head down, and watch the ball in the glove.
26. You coached me to use two hands when making the catch.
27. You coached me to look down field at all times.
28. You coached me that it is best to wash the vehicle twice and not once.
29. You coached me that legacy is more important than lifestyle.
30. You coached me that the outdoors is a privilege.
31. You coached me how to fish a “Pig-n-Jig.”
32. You coached me to read the “Sports Page” first.
33. You coached me how to use a push mower.
34. You coached me that it is okay to have a good time at the right time.
35. You coached me how to be there for my wife as you were there for my mother.
36. You coached me that men can wash the clothes, do the dishes, and vacuum.
37. You coached me how to give to people.
38. You coached me that it is okay for men to cry.
39. You coached me that my brothers and sister and their families are very special.
40. You coached me to look right, left, and then right again before crossing the road.
41. You coached me to keep my eyes on the belt, put my nose there, and then wrap to make a tackle.
42. You coached me to always pay the bills on time.
43. You coached me that being responsible goes a long way.
44. You coached me to step toward the target while throwing a football or baseball.
45. You coached me to see the ball hit the bat.
46. You coached me that my mother was to be honored and respected.
47. You coached me to take a full, smooth swing when driving a golf ball.
48. You coached me that meals together as a family make lasting memories.
49. You coached me to say, “Yes, Mam.” and “No, Mam.”
50. You coached me to trust in the Lord with all my heart.
51. You coached me to make sure the oil gets changed.
52. You coached me to handle money rather than letting money handle me.
53. You coached me to use a cool towel from the cooler on a hot day while playing golf.
54. You coached me how to tuck my shirt in and keep it tucked in.
55. You coached me that prayer is a powerful thing.
56. You coached me that I am responsible for my actions.
57. You coached me that it is important to vote.
58. You coached me to be well read.
59. You coached me that men lead the home.
60. You coached me that with God’s help my children can do anything He desires.
61. You coached me that taking a shower for an hour is okay every now and then.
62. You coach that it is not how I start but how I finish that makes the difference.
63. You coached me to obey you and mama.
64. You coached me that spending time as a family will never be regretted.
65. You coached me by treating Martha Ann as a virtuous woman also.
66. You coached me to keep my mouth piece in and buckle my chin strap.
67. You coached me that it is okay to take a nap on Sunday afternoon.
68. You coached me that momma was so special that Jesus wanted her in heaven.
69. You coached me to understand that to be successful at work and to fail at home is to fail completely.
70. You coached me that Proverbs 20:7 is a reality for me and can be for my children.

The just man walketh in his integrity: his children are blessed after him.
- Proverbs 20:7 -

Grateful to Have an All-Pro Dad,

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  1. Hey brother,
    What Awesome truth! Thank you for the great example of being an All-Pro dad, I truly continue to benefit from your life! Happy father's day!

    Rob M.