Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Happy February!

We have concluded the first month of the 2012 year and now we head into February. This year will no doubt go by as fast or faster than all the years we have said goodbye to already. May we give each day our full attention with purpose in mind and God's presence with us.

We all know that February also has the special holiday of Valentine's Day. It is a time that we give special gifts to those we love. For some it may be stuffed animals, flowers, jewelry, or a box of chocolates.

Nothing says Happy Valentine's Day like chocolate! Would you consider buying our chocolate package or any individual item to send to a loved one this Valentine's Day?

The package includes:

a rich chocolate syrup that is made with organic cocoa and sucanat (a natural sweetener made from molasses). It is great for making chocolate milk as it pours and mixes easily, and also great as a topping for ice cream. We also offer a chocolate syrup made with organic cocoa and organic agave nectar. This is also a delicious syrup and those who may deal with blood sugar issues might find this syrup to work well for them as agave nectar has a low glycemic index. Please be sure to specify which you would like.

organic hot cocoa that is made with honey granules (a natural sweetener), organic cocoa, and organic dry milk. It is great made with hot water and topped with whipped cream or for a richer and creamier beverage you could use hot milk.

all-natural chocolate wafers made with organic cocoa, sucanat, and organic butter. It has a deep chocolate flavor and goes great with a cup of coffee or cold glass of milk.

"Love Them With Chocolate" package- $20.00
Standard Shipping is $6.95

Take a look over at our store for more detailed pricing on all the items that we offer.



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