Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Who's Horsin' Around?

Our girls are!

Monday was Morgan's 11th birthday. Happy Birthday, Morgan!! She wanted to take one of her lessons and use it on that day. So, we spent almost 3 hours at the horse riding stables with each girl taking their turn with the trainer. It was cloudy and cold, but everyone had a great time. They love the horses and the trainer is excellent.  They are learning so much about riding and horses in general. They would like to offer some riding tips and horse facts for all those out there who are interested!

Morgan's riding tip: When you are trotting on a horse, don't forget to breathe! If you hold your breath, which I did, you will get a sharp pain in your side.

Morgan's horse fact: There is a certain spot on a horse, particularly with the female horses, that if you press too hard while grooming them, they will kick. It is located between their behind and rib cage. This is where the female carries her baby and then where she feeds the foal once it is born.

Meghan's horse riding tip: To properly balance while riding a horse, you need to sit up straight and relax. And, don't lean to one side!

Meghan's horse fact: Horses don't eat meat.

Mallory's horse riding tip: Don't ever walk under a horse. It will startle them and you will get hurt badly!

Mallory's horse fact: Grooming a horse is when you remove the dirt from their hair with a spiky-looking thing :), brush them, and clean their hooves.

Madison's horse riding tip: When riding a horse, don't panic! The horse can feel your energy.

Madison's horse fact: Horses lose more energy laying down then standing up.

Maleah's tip: Don't go in the corral when the girls are riding horses, because "the horse is donna eat me"!

Thankful for the beauty and strength of horses, and girls and boys who love them, and a God who created them,



  1. Hahahahahahaaa!!!!! Fantastic comment by Miss Meah! Looks like the girls are having a great time and learning lots.

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