Monday, February 20, 2012

He's Up to Something and We Want to Tell You!

A lot has been going on these past weeks and months. Our life has at times seemed to be spinning at an alarmingly fast rate and thoughts have been circulating at an all time high. With that comes a sense of desperation and lack of control. God is definitely speaking to us in so many ways. We want to inform you as He continues to gives liberty and clarity. We plan on sharing what the Lord is saying and doing very soon (by March 1st, or before). We appreciate your prayers and hope that you will stay tuned...

Keith, Nichole, and Family


  1. Maleah puts a whole new meaning to "say cheese"... luv it! lol Wonderful pic of a beautiful family! Praying for ya'll, Luv ya!

    1. Thank you for praying. We love you!


  2. You all take really Beautiful pictures! I LOVE Maleah's face! Love You All!!!

  3. What a gorgeous family photo! Praying that all is going well as you sort through whatever is weighing heavily in your thoughts lately. Love that drying rack, will definitely check them out! Ours has white paint flecks peeling off that get onto our clothes whicn I cannot stand, not to mention the unhealthy aspect of paint flecks!

  4. No pressure, but it is March 1st ;)

  5. Live photograph, Live smiling and wishing long live. Family Dentist