Monday, October 17, 2011

Chattanooga and Aunt Wanda...What more could a kid want?

View of a Tennessee Valley... breathtaking

Thursday afternoon we were able to load up and head to Chattanooga to visit with Keith's sister, Wanda, and her family. We knew when we moved up here that we wanted to take advantage of being close to his family. We have never lived close to them our entire marriage. As a matter of fact, Keith has been away from this area for twenty years. Well, let me just say that there is no one like Aunt Wanda and Uncle Steve. Every time we are with them we are refreshed and encouraged. They live such devoted lives to the Lord and do it all in joy. Joy....something we so desperately need as Christians. While we are with them the kids get undivided attention, Andy Griffith reruns, singing, stories, games, lots of sugar, and fantastic memories. Here are just a few of the pictures from our time together.  Unfortunately we missed getting a shot of Uncle Steve :(

At an apple orchard near Dayton, TN
The sun and wind were brutal.

Kids with Heather (with Maleah) and Hannah (next to Stephen)
Godly and sweet women of God.

Melt in your mouth apple dumplings.
Never had any so good.

Aunt Wanda (in the middle)
She is not that short...being silly:)

God's glory in His creation.

When we leave our time with the Cape family (Wanda and family), we are always reminded that following Jesus is worth it. All the sacrifices, the good times and the bad times. They are living proof and we are very thankful for all of them.

Keith and Nichole


  1. Glad you guys had such a good time. You all look wonderful and we miss you all like crazy!! Nichole, you and the belly are glowing!!

  2. Glad to see YOU in a pic for a change(: