Monday, October 31, 2011

Visit from Papa and Granna

Pictures with Papa and Granna:

Papa with Stephen and Maleah (thumb-sucking duo)

Granna and Me




Meghan and Maleah





Family Photo after Church

Family Photo after Church

Last week seemed to be very busy for all of us. We are in full swing with school. Keith and I have other responsibilities outside of home that is with the City of Refuge ministries here. We are trying to read several books recommended either by family or friends or ministers. Every minute is full.

On Thursday night my parents (Papa and Granna) came for a surprise visit. We did not think we were going to be able to see them again until right before the baby came (due Dec. 7th). They stayed the entire weekend.  Yesterday we all went to church together and they actually got to hear Johnny Hunt preach.....and WOW, what a message!

Friday we drove up to Ellijay and bought some apples from the Red Barn. We then drove on up to Blue Ridge and visited Mercier Orchards. Now, that was a neat place. It was a huge place with lots of neat things to look at and buy. We came home with some sparkling apple cider. Yum. Keith and I got lots of ideas for bottling up things that we may try to sell one day. They had all kinds of things. From several flavored syrups to all kinds of jams and jellies to popcorn, tortilla chips, dried apples, pasta, cider, and on and on.

Saturday, Mama and I and all of the children made a trip into to town. My dad stayed here to work on a test he needed to complete. Keith umpired two baseball games! He looked good in his umpiring outfit:).  That night we watched GA beat FLA with a house full of family.

We are being spiritually fed so well here. In so many ways and from so many people. It is encouraging to see a church follow the leadership of their pastor and take on his heart and vision. It has trickled down and we are receiving blessings from it like many others.

Thankful to be right where we are,



  1. They are all growing and Miss Meah has changed so much already. You look beautiful Nichole! So glad you are enjoying your time there. Sure do miss you all!

  2. Love the pictures!! Glad you all are doing well!

  3. I love the family picture :)
    also having your kids photos with names was so helpful for me! I keep mixing their names and faces up ;-) I need to print that and put it on my fridge so I can remember better, hehe.

  4. What great pictures!!!!! What a fun surprise to see your parents, and all the pictures are good! Love the one of you and your mama!!! Miss you and the family-Tara