Saturday, October 8, 2011

Game Day and Buffalo Wings

It has been a while since posting a recipe that is kid-tested and daddy-approved. We have been in North Ga now for almost a month and within the first couple of weeks my husband had already eaten buffalo wings twice from a restaurant in town. As a "snack" after church a few Sunday's ago, he brought home 24 wings for a little over 20 dollars. It did not take long for me to realize that every lovely little wing going down to the belly in less than a minute was almost a whole dollar!! I do have to admit that I said one too many times how maybe this was'nt a good idea. He had gotten the point the first time! So, I determined to make our own (of course this is what you do to save money, especially feeding a family of 9).

Watching my mom make them in the big kitchen at a camp my dad helps maintain, I followed suit and the wings are as delicious (if not more so) as buying them from the local restaurant. It really is very simple, maybe not too terribly good for you to have all of the time. But, a must for game day here at the house!

Boggs Buffalo Wings

3-5 pounds of chicken wings
peanut oil

8 oz. of hot wing sauce (we have used Frank's, there were no preservatives in the bottle we used)
stick of real butter

Make sure your chicken is rinsed and patted completely dry. Moisture on the meat will cause crazy stuff to take place once you put them into the oil.

Heat the oil to 335 degress F. Carefully drop just enough wings that it is not too crowded in your pot. I used one of my old cooking pots the first time and the second time Keith fried them outside in his turkey fryer. That was much easier and it could cook more wings at a time. It will take a good 15-18 minutes of frying to get a crispy, but not dried out, texture.

Spoon the wings out onto a cooling rack and let them drip onto some paper towels underneath. Meanwhile, in another saucepan, melt the butter and then add the sauce. After the wings are finished cooking and cooling a little, toss them into hot sauce mixture and eat 'em up!

A word of caution: These are hot! I put some of our children a few wings to the side and very lightly tossed them with the sauce. You may need to do this for some adults as well :))

A few sidenotes: I put a dash of honey in my own seperate mixture, because I like a slight sweetness to mine. You could definitely try brown sugar, sucanat, or a little molasses for this as well.

A barbeque sauce would make a great alternative to hot wings.

Make a double batch and warm the second half the next day. They were just as good to us and it saved me from being in the kitchen too long the next day!

This is great dipped in homemade ranch dressing, which I will share at another time:)

Enjoy your wings and your family whether you will be watching football today or not,


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