Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Out of the heart of a young lady...and her new pastor.

It did not take long for the Lord to continue to use a great lesson in giving to show Madison that He is so faithful to give to those who are givers. I believe somehow He will always repay us. Not sure about how He chooses to do it, but if we are aware and looking for it we will see His hand of blessing on our acts of generosity.

I so did not want to take her money several days ago, but felt very impressed to keep it and trust the Lord would provide for her. (You can read the post on Out of the mouth of babes... to catch up on what I am writing about)

This Sunday night we were just hanging out after the church service. Almost everyone was gone and we would surely be run out if we didn't head that way as well when Dr. Johnny Hunt and his wife, Janet, came by to speak to us. He met Madison first. They talked while I spoke to Mrs. Janet. I did not know until they walked away that he had placed something in Madison's hand. She told me today that she thought it was directions to the Mexican restaurant. He had been asking her about her favorite restaurant. After she told him, he began to give her directions. When she looked down to see what it was, she was surprised that he had given her a significant amount that would go above and beyond feeding our family a meal. Of course, she came and gave it to me and told me what he had said.

We had leftovers at home and it was getting late, so we decided to just come home and go out another time. As Keith and I thought about it (and right now we want to make the best decisions when it comes to how we are spending money) we decided that not only would we obey his requests, but wouldn't it be awesome if we gave Madison the rest of it. She is in need of some clothes. She is growing into a young lady. And, isn't it just awesome that God not only used Dr. Hunt to encourage her to give all she had away to me, but He used the same man to give it back?! Wow! We can never outgive God!

Madison got a few tops, two skirts, and a pair of jeans from a consignment in Powder Springs. All of it looked like new. I had to share the story with her and she beamed. But, she did tell me...."I didn't care about the money, mama. I was just excited to get to talk to him! You know, he is kind of famous! And, his wife is pretty...I thought she was going to have gray hair." So funny and so sweet.

Thankful that God proves Himself and we don't have to,



  1. I love our Pastor. SO generous!! And you have done an awesome job raising Maidson. She seems like just a well put together young lady. I hope for a daughter like her one day! Although I love my boys, i do long for that too.

  2. What an awesome God story! :) Praise Him for encouragement to keep on keeping on!

  3. This story was so encouraging to me! The Lord honored Madison's obedience to give.