Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Baby Countdown and Maternity Pics

Well, today is our due date and the baby countdown will continue.....

Any signs? That is what most are asking. Not really. Just waiting on God's perfect timing. He knows when the date will be and we are trying hard to trust that.

In the meantime my good friend, Andrea, has really encouraged me to let her take some maternity pictures of me before having this baby. I have never had maternity pictures. If she had not persisted, I probably would not have done them.

My mom is here right now, helping and waiting for the little one to arrive. Sunday she watched the children while Keith and I headed out to a nearby field to get some shots of this great-with-child mama. Andrea was great. It took maybe 30 minutes and she did a fabulous job!

I do have to say that it was a little awkward. I have never really had pictures taken of me, except family pictures. It felt odd. But, I am so glad I did it. And, so glad that Keith is in the pictures with me. Because, even though I am the one carrying the baby, it is just as much about him as it is me. God chose both of us to bless with a new life. We have done this thing together 7 other times. I am so thankful that it has been with the love of my life and my soul mate. He is a great and godly husband and father.  I am a very blessed woman to have him. What a gift!

I thought I might share a few of the pictures. It was fun :) .  I will treasure them always.

Thankful for Andrea encouraging me to do something I probably would have never done,



  1. Andrea is amazing :) And you look great! What gorgeous pictures.

  2. I knew you'd need pushing ;-) - but I knew if I got you to do them, you'd love having them. Its a treasure to pass onto your kids to in the future. Have you seen the movie Family Stone? I love that movie... (not for kids tho hah)...

    BELOW IS A SPOILER -so if you intend to watch the movie, dont read below this hha...

    any how in the movie at the end the mom and all her kids get a gift - and it is actually a framed portrait of their mom pregnant with one of her 4 children... it was really touching because their mom was dying of cancer... yet the lady who gave the gift had NO CLUE of this... she just thought the picture was special and that all her children would love to have a copy... I just think its such a sweet time in a womans life... and goes by so fast. (although I know right now you feel as if its creeping) - and I loved that Keith was willing too - you both did great!