Friday, December 2, 2011

We are excited!!

Keith and I have been working on something for several weeks now. Something we both are excited about. Something that is not entirely complete in all the details, but we couldn't wait any longer to introduce a small part of it to you. Being unemployed during those weeks, we both began to try to think of what our family could offer that might bring in some income for us. With Keith's encouragement, marketing skills, and computer knowledge, we actually went through with it! 

Over the last 7 years our family has switched from white flour to freshly ground whole wheat flour, white sugar to raw honey and sucanat, packaged snacks loaded with preservatives to homemade snacks made with all natural ingredients, body care products filled with chemicals and too many ingredients to homemade all natural body care, etc.... We try to go organic as much as we possibly can. There are just too many things to list right now and too many benefits to talk about in this post.

What I do want to show you today is the first of our new "product" line that includes something that is dear to our family's heart....chocolate!

It is our "Love Them With Chocolate" package. It includes organic raw chocolate syrup made with raw organic cacao and organic agave nectar, hot cocoa made with raw organic cacao, organic dry milk, and sucanat with honey (a natural sweetener), and all natural chocolate wafers made with freshly ground whole wheat flour, raw cacao, and sucanat (a natural sweetener).

Organic Raw Chocolate Syrup

Organic Hot Cocoa

All Natural Chocolate Wafers

Chocolate not only brings pleasure to the palate, but there are actually healthy benefits to eating it in its raw form. The sweetener that we chose for the syrup is made with agave nectar. It has a low glycemic index and many diabetics can tolerate it. It has a delicious taste and makes excellent chocolate milk or a topping for ice-cream, or an addition to a good cup of coffee. We desire to only use organic whole grains that have been freshly milled to preserve as many nutrients as possible. We love to eat, but we don't want to just live to eat, but eat to live.

You can purchase this package for someone you love and care about. We will send a personalized card, directions and ingredients card, and a recipe or cooking tip included in your package. It will make someones day when they receive a box addressed specifically for them from someone who wants them to know how much they care and appreciate them.

You could also purchase these items for yourself . They will be available individually or as a package.

At this point, in the first stages, the order would be by e-mail and on a honor system where we would send you the package along with a bill and you would send us a check. In the future, you will be able to pay online as soon as you order.

In the days to come we will continue to introduce several different packages that will include items that can be purchased individually as well. Be looking out for some natural body care items, flavorings, spices, snacks, etc...


"Love Them With Chocolate" Package

Organic Raw Chocolate Syrup (12 ounces)

Hot Cocoa made with organic cacao and organic dry milk (12 ounces)

All Natural Chocolate Wafers made with organic cacao (10-12 wafers)

Standard Shipping

If you would like to order, send me an e-mail along with your name and address, what you would like on your personalized card if the package is going to someone else, whether you want a package or individual item, and quantity.

You can contact me at

So thankful for this opportunity. It has been fun.

Keith, Nichole, Madison, Morgan, Mallory, Meghan, Joshua, Stephen, and Maleah


  1. Im coming over for those wafers!!! :) all of it looks awesome.

  2. I would buy it if I wasn't so far away :)

  3. yum! yum! I will be placing an order for some wafers. think of your family so much & am continuing to pray for all. God bless!

  4. How fun! Blessings on your new endeavor!

  5. Was excited to see the wafers on the list of items!
    Sandra Kaye

  6. As I read this...I kept singing "Ah...sooky sooky now"...thinking about that sucanat sweetening my coffee...