Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Love Them With Extracts

No baby yet, so I figure we just keep marching on in contentment and keep ourselves occupied with the things we would like to get done before he/she arrives! So, we want to introduce two of our extracts that we have been working on. One (vanilla extract) has been in the making for six months! Both are delicious and we hope you might decide to try them out.

Pure Vanilla Extract is made with organic vanilla beans and alcohol. No water and no sweeteners added. It has been "aging" for six months now. It is rich and dark. You could actually use less than the recipe calls for because of how strong it is. We go through it like water...well, almost. The smell is fantastic and will bring great flavor to any dish that requires vanilla.

Pure Lemon Extract is made from the zest of organic lemons. No water and no sweeteners added. It has a bright, citrus smell and will add a great lemony taste to your baking. Lemon cookies, lemon poppyseed bread, lemon poundcake....the list goes on.

Pure Vanilla Extract- 2 ounces

Pure Lemon Extract- 2 ounces

"Love Them With Extracts" Package

Standard Shipping

If you are interested in purchasing, then please send me an e-mail and we will get these out to you along with a personalized card (if it is for someone you love) and a recipe card to get you started using your pure extracts!


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