Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Meet Mercy Anne

Tuesday morning at 8:05 we gave birth to our precious little Mercy Anne Boggs. She weighed 8 lbs. and 8 oz.  and was 20 and 1/2 inches long. It was a fast labor and delivery. It was first thing in the morning and after a pretty good night's rest. God had answered two of my prayers. I asked that it wouldn't happen in the middle of the night and I asked that it would go quickly. Many others were praying for us as well.  We are thankful that He chose to answer both of these prayers.

We have been thinking of the name Mercy for quite some time. We just weren't sure about it. We also had Caleb picked out for a boy. We knew that both had significant meaning for where we were at this point of our life. When the midwife announced that we had a little girl, we knew no other name would testify of what God was doing in our lives right now, except the name Mercy. "How do you want to spell it?" I was asked. The only way was to spell it just like we read it off the pages of God's Word. Now to agree on a middle name. Our girls wanted us to use the name Ann. As we thought about it I remembered that Ann means grace. Mercy and grace....exactly what God has given us in great abundance. Ann it was, but with an e. Anne.

On top of that we have a precious aunt, grandmother, and best friend with the name Ann. I will think of them all when we say her name.

She is precious and doing well. I can't wait to share our birth story in the next few days. It was like no other.

Thankful for the peace and strength and safety He granted to us all during this time,



  1. Oh my goodness!! She's gorgeous! Congrats again on little Mercy Anne :)

  2. Look at all that black hair! She is just beautiful and such a precious gift!!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! So happy that she is finally here. And wow, look at all that hair! Were your others born with a headfull too?

  4. She is beautiful! Glad ya'll are doing well!