Monday, December 12, 2011

Happy Bday to Maleah and Joshua!

We have celebrated two birthdays in the last few days. Maleah turned 2 on the 9th and Joshua turned 6 today. December is obviously a month of celebrating for us and will continue to be so when this new little one decides to come! We are still waiting. I had an apptmt. today with our midwife and she told me that at some point the average length of a pregnancy was 41 wks. and some odd days. It is harder to tell now with so many c-sections and planned inductions. Women just don't want to go a day over their expected due date.

I really am trying not to say that I am late. I have just gone past the date that was calculated for me. She also told me that in all ob/gyn textbooks you will see that a full-term pregnancy is anywhere from 37 wks. to 42 wks. Doctors just don't practice with that mindset. The baby is in perfect position and everything looked great. I have had no swelling except for sometimes at night after I have been up on my feet all day. But, it does make me a little nervous about having a BIG baby! And so we just try to be content and enjoy all that we have been given in these little birthdays and a special day tomorrow as well.

I thought I might share some pictures of these two blessings in our lives and their big day. We don't do anything big. Usually it consists of them picking out their favorite food and desert. I will cook that for them and Keith will take them out on a special date. After we eat the birthday meal they open their gifts. I pray that they know how much they are loved without the big bday party. It just became too much on us financially and sometimes physically exhausting. Maleah got homemade whole wheat chocolate cupcakes with a buttercream frosting that was colored pink with a little beet juice. Didn't change the flavor at all. And, actually they were very good cupcakes. I was surprised. Joshua chose a summer favorite....homemade chocolate popsicles. He loved them.

We love you Maleah and Joshua! We are very thankful for you both!


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