Friday, January 27, 2012

A Bad Hair Day?!

A couple of weeks ago little Mercy began to break out with little red bumps on her face. Over the course of a few days they multiplied and went down her neck and some on her arms. They also covered her scalp. I didn't know if this was hormonal or an allergy. I cautiously used our lotion bar and a green salve made from herbs to treat her face. These bumps began to clear but her skin was soooo dry and her scalp had gotten scaly looking as well. Since the lotion bar ( made from organic coconut oil and shea butter) and the salve did not cause any irritation I began to put it on her with every feeding. Every few hours. I used the lotion bar mostly and the salve once or twice a day.

The skin began to look great and is almost clear. But, what about that scalp? Hence, the bad hair. We gave Mercy her first hair conditioning treatment. I took the lotion bar and rubbed plenty on the tips of my fingers and then I began to work it into her hair. The dry skin on her scalp almost immediately began to soften and became easy to remove. This morning we will rinse it out and do it again later if we need to.

I was so thankful to be able to use something natural and nonirritating on her precious little head.

At times she wasn't so sure about it, though. Her big sister came to the rescue as her mean mommy made her pose for the camera. Morgan consoled her with a kiss and I quit taking pictures :)

Our lotion bars are still available for purchase. I believe you will enjoy them! Take a look over at the store for pricing.

Thankful that Mercy's skin is clearing,



  1. She looks so much like Morgan to me! Glad that your lotion bar is helping her. She is sooooo cute!

  2. SO CUTE! :) I love that lotion bar :)

    I btw think the horse pics below turned out great! That place looks awesome. Hmmm we could do family pics there ;-)