Monday, January 16, 2012

My Sister-In-Law....all five of them.

This is two of them....Emily {with my brother Jason and their children Adalee and Brantley} and Jodi {with my brother Randy and their daughter Devin}

We have been out of town for a few days. We headed back down south to visit with my side of the family.  Both of my brothers and their families came in. Because of the limited space in my parents house, they had to open up one of the dorms to house some of us. I was able to stay in the house since I have a newborn and my husband and father took turns sleeping over at the dorm with our boys. Both of my sisters-in-laws helped watch our girls along with their own girls in the dorms as well.

I am very blessed on both sides of the family to have great sisters-in-laws. I mean, really.....very good aunts for our children. All of them have such special things that they offer to our girls. I always desire for our girls to be around women who will encourage them in their walk with the Lord, family life, and godly character. I would have to really limit their time with older women who would not encourage these things.

As I sit here and write this I can easily think of several ways that these aunts influence our children in a positive way.

How to love and respect your husband.
The fun in laughter and having a good, clean time.
Dressing modestly.
Playing games...board games, card games, outdoor games.
Good hygiene.
Cleaning something 100 percent.
How to curl their hair.
The value of time spent with a child.
The love and care shown towards their children.
Really good cooking.
Embracing womanhood.

Need I say more? What wonderful gifts for our girls. And, what a wonderful legacy and heritage passed down. May this encourage us all to remember the little female eyes that are watching our every move and action and one day emulating exactly what we do and say. May it always lead them in the ways everlasting. Straight to the Savior. For it is only by His grace that any of us can positively influence those around us. For His glory.

So very thankful for fantastic sisters-in-laws,


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