Friday, January 6, 2012

Mercy's Birth Story by Meghan

I had all the girls write down what Mercy's birth was like for them since they were able to be with us the entire time. Some wrote down the bare minimum with little detail and description while others gave more. We will start with Meghan's very simple recollection. I have kept it true to the exact text. Spelling and all.  Forgive any grammatical errors. She is 7. You are probably used to mine, anyway :)

After mama and us kids wint to go see the midwife muday (Monday) it was time for baby mercy to come and that muday we were starding to go to bed so we were in bed and it was in the morning around 5:00 and mama had a contrashun ( it) and she had anuther one at 6:00 and then Granna woke us and said it is time to get up girls, your mama is going to have a baby so we gat on are chloths and we wint to miss brenda's and they were getting the stuf readey and then mama said it is time so they got the pool and they had to put the water hose in the pool. She couldn't make it to the pool so daddy told us girls to go to the back bedroom and we asked mama if we could see the baby come so she said yeas and Madison said I see the babys head and I looked and I said ooooo and she had it in two hours and she was born at 10:05 (really 8:05) Date 20 and she wade (weighed) 8 pounds and 8 ozses (ounces) and a fooy (few) hours latter she had to stay there andtil (until) the afternoon so daddy and mama had deisided that we would go get luch (lunch) and come back and get Granna and then go home and then daddy would go pick mama up and the baby.

Not one period in the entire text! That is some kind of sentence :) I am very proud of Meghan. Her teacher may need to work on her run-on sentences.

Thankful for big sister Meghan,



  1. ohh sow preshchucks! (Meghan writes like her Granna)... love you Meghan

  2. That was very sweet :) made me smile!

  3. Too cute! I love it when they are learning to use phonics and writes it just like it sounds!

  4. So sweet. I love that you had her do that. My oldest (5) doesn't write too much yet, so I have her recall and tell me events that have happened and I write them down. Love hearing what stuck out as the biggest memories to the little kids :)