Friday, January 20, 2012

The Dentist...friend or foe??

Periodontal Probe Close Up


Dentist Holding Dental Drill

Do these look scary or what? Dental instruments. I know I have had every dental instrument invented in my mouth at some point.

A couple of days ago our family made a 45 minute trip to go see the dentist.....again. It has been my life story since being married. I tease and say that Keith has spent more money on my teeth than all of our babies combined. The sad part of that, is its true!

As I was laying there getting a broken molar prepared for a crown I decided to actually look at the instruments going into my mouth. After going cross-eyed (It is hard to focus in on something that close to your face) by looking at them I decided it wasn't worth the effort. Oh, and that drilling noise....surely someone can invent a silent drill. It is terrible. I can see how people have a fear of going to the dentist.  And, those shots in your gum....those have hurt very badly in the past. BUT, there was a new numbing medicine applied to my gums first and it worked amazingly. I wouldn't mind having some of that stuff on hand for digging out splinters, pulling children's loose teeth, etc....

You know, come to think of it, I have had fillings, root canals, crowns, a bridge, and even pulled teeth. The last pulled tooth felt like half my face was coming off with it.

I hope none of you have any of these scheduled in the near future. This is not an encouraging post.  Just a simple reflection :)

I do have to say that we have been blessed with some fantastic dentists. In Augusta my dentist was a high school graduate of Keith's. He was good to us. We had no dental insurance and I had so many problems. Thousands of dollars worth of work. He worked with us and we finally paid for all of it.

My dentist here is super nice and efficient.  I do hate going, but if I have to go, may it be to a good one, right?!

As my mouth was numb and I was probably biting my tongue and not realizing it, I said in a distorted voice, "Kids take care of your teeth. Learn this lesson from your Mama!" I don't know if they understood what I said or not :)

Thankful for great dentists....I mean it,



  1. I had great teeth, until I was pregnant for the first time. They've been trouble ever since :(

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  3. A refreshing read. I certainly appreciate awesome patients like you!
    Here's hoping the kiddos were paying close attention :-)

  4. These tools sure look scary at first. But they are primarily made to help us get that perfect smile. It's good that have great dentists to take care of your teeth.

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