Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mercy's Birth Story by Madison

This is the last of our birth stories from the girls. Madison is definitely the longest and most detailed. It is precious, just like the others. Here is her story.

On Tuesday, December 20, 2011, I was in a very good sleep until....."Madison,Madison wake up mama is having contractions!".When I woke up I saw Morgan standing over my bed. When I sat up I felt a little excited and a little nervouss at the same time. I got out of my bed and started to get on my clothes.Then daddy walked in and said, "Girls y'all need to settle down and try not to wake up Maleah.". Well, Maleah woke up shortly after he left. I went over to her and I said, "Guess what Maleah? Mama is going to have the baby!".But she just laid there.I don't think she knew what I meant. I went to go brush my teeth, but Granna beat me to it! So I just stood there and waited on her. While I was waiting Joshua had just walked out of his room. I looked at him and said "Mama is going to have the baby!" He said "I know daddy told me!".When I got done brushing my teeth daddy told me to take Maleah and Joshua down stairs and let them watch something.When I took them down stairs I knew I had forgot something so after I did what I was told I ran up stairs. I got what I needed and then Morgan said, "We are about to leave and the babysitter is here".So, when I got down stairs almost everybody was down stairs.When everybody got down stairs daddy said, "Its time to go!".Joshua and Maleah said bye and us girls ran to the van. It took us about 45 minutes to get there.Once we got there we had to get everything out of the van. After we got inside we were told to sit on the couch. Everybody was busy moving around while I watched Mama come down the stairs. She came very slowly and she stopped sometimes too.Once she got down, she stopped at the filing cabinets and said, "Mrs. Brenda the contractions are coming closer together."She said "Okay we don't have time for the pool start working on the bed." After a while daddy told us to go to the back bedroom. We were in there for about 5 min. and I heard mama say it was time.I got sad there for a minute because we were going to miss the birth and mama said we could watch the birth. Daddy finally walked in and he said "I want y'all to stay in here." I looked at the girls then said, "But mama said we could watch the birth.". He just walked out. Then me and the girls decided to go in the hall and watch it.Once we got to where we could see good Granna came running through the hall to get the sheets off the bed.  Mama wasn't going to make to the bed.Then it started to happen I could see the baby's head. I told the girls I could see it then Meghan said Oooooo.She missed the birth because she thought it was gross.It only took two pushes and the baby was out.Then Granna said its a girl! And we all cheered! She was 8lb. and 8oz. Her head was full of black hair,she was born at 8:05, and she is Mercy Anne Boggs. I actually got to name her! It was a very special birth and I'll never forget it.When you look at a baby you know it really is a gift from above. 

Thankful for big sister, Madison,


  1. My goodness... Madison is growing up so much. Such a great photo of those two pretty sisters. Sure did enjoy this story Madison. Loved your details and I felt like I was there. Laughed at Meghans' comment! Great job!

  2. awe so sweet. My fav part was about Meghan, hilarious. Oooooo :) I can see that face.

    Love that you had the girls do this! That 1st pic is so sweet of Madison and Mercy.

  3. Madison, you did such a great job on the story. Nichole, I am so glad we could see what happened from their point of view. All the stories were so good! We Love You All & MISS you so much!!!!