Sunday, January 8, 2012

Mercy's Birth Story by Mallory

Mercy was born with so much hair and reddish skin color that we have teased that she looks like our little Indian baby. Out of all of the American Girl doll's, Mallory chose Kaya to purchase for herself a couple of years ago. Kaya is based on an Indian little girl. She has long dark hair and dark skin. A few days ago while Mallory was playing with her we thought it would be cute to try Kaya's clothes on our own little "Indian princess". She looks cute doesn't she??

And with that I give you the little Indian's birth story as seen by Mallory herself.

Mercy was born at our midwife's house. She was born at 8:05. She was 8 lbs. and 8 ounces, and she was born between the pool and the filing cabinet. 13 days after Mercy's due date the seventh, but she was born on Tuesday the 20th of December, 2011. Mama had her first contraction at 5;45 and 6 contractions on the road and 25 minutes after we were there, everyone was running around. Mama called the midwife and daddy and two or three pushes and Mercy was out. Her head was 14 inches and her body was 20 inches. She had black hair and a pink body. She is the eighth of the Boggs and her name is Mercy Anne Boggs.

Thankful for big sister Mallory,



  1. ooo that is so cute!! the lil indian outfit, precious.
    I love that Mallory mentions you were between a filing cabinet, haha

  2. Mallory, Mercy is beautiful in your Indian doll outfit,she looks like Kaya's baby!! love your story and we love you...tell all we love them as well. Granna

  3. Mercy does look like a little Indian princess. She is so beautiful! I love reading the stories. Love you all! Callie

  4. I looked like that as a baby too. And now I'm completely different looking!