Monday, February 7, 2011

Praying for God to Make His Move

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.
-Genesis 1:1-

Do I really want God to move? I say (or write) that I do and I hope that what I say (or write) is not rhetoric but revival. And the reality is, if there is no move of God, there is no revival. God majors in moving. It is clearly seen in the first book, in the first chapter, and in the first verse. I personally believe that, for me in particular, the beginning is the best place to return so that I might plead with God to make His move, again. God, would you move in my life?

And He is... As I read through the first chapter in God's Holy Word, God makes His move and from the page of my Bible, He Stands and His Spirit presses upon me and I must confess: God, would You Stand again in my life? I'm not satisfied for what I know of You. I'm ashamed of what I do not know of You simply because I have not taken the time to discover more of You. Lord, I take Your side against myself and You are right. God, please Stand afresh and anew in my life. May there be evidence that You are the One that is clearly moving in my life.

And He is... As I continue to read... the earth was without form, and void; and darkness... and the Spirit of God moved... and God said ...God makes His move again, and from the page, He Speaks. I look with intent to discern those words in verse two of Genesis 1... without form (to lie waste, dessolation); void (emptiness); darkness (has grown dim); and God said (to address, to answer).

God, would You Speak into my life again? In the beginning You addressed, with an answer, the earth that was without form, and void, and darkness. Lord... I am thankful that in my discernment I see that only You can address the areas in my life that are without form. Only You have an answer for the areas that are in waste and dessolation and I desire You to move. Yes, there are areas that are void... just empty. Yes, areas that have grown dim. I do not want an expert to Speak into my life, I want You, God, to Speak into my life, for when You Speak things move.

and God said, "Let there be light"; and there was light. And God saw the light, that it was good; and God divided the light from the darkness.

In the areas of my life that are without form, and void, and darkness... Let there be Light! God, it is so clear that in the beginning... as You Stand and as You Speak I see help, I see hope, but most importantly, I see Him... I see Jesus, the Light of the world. Let there be Light!  So God, in my life, I pray that as You move, may You see the Light, and I know that it will be good! And yes, God, continue... continue to divide the light from the darkness in my life. I pray that as You make Your move in my life, the difference that You make will be as distictive as night is from day as I move by faith to follow You.


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