Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"Silly Woman" Truth #1

A couple of weeks ago I desperately picked up some parenting books that I had read several years ago in an attempt to regain some Biblical wisdom about rearing this quiver of ours. Keith also committed to do some reading as well. After reading for only a few minutes, I found myself under deep conviction. The Word of God and the wisdom of another was pointing a guilty finger directly at me! And you know what? I am okay with that. It hurts, yes. But, I like for God to show me areas that I need to change or improve on. I want to fall under conviction of His Holy Spirit for the rest of my life, if I need it. And, I will need it

"I remember reading this! When did I lose sight of it and how long is it going to take for me to get it??" I have said to myself time and time again. So, I have made a commitment to study, take notes, write out goals and mission statements, memorize, and PRAY. Don't get me wrong, I know these things in and of themselves will not make for successful parenting. God has to do a heart change in me and the children. But, I do think it is necessary for me and they will help tremendously.

I am not going to try to counsel on marriage, but I am going to try to encourage me and you about the first truth I mentioned in our previous post, "Silly Woman".

"The first and the most important thing you will ever do as a mother in training your children is to.....

Reverence Your Husband

I can show respect for Keith by honoring his decision making, listening to his dreams, learning to enjoy his interests, speaking respectfully "always" about him to the children and others, guarding my "looks" that I give him, guarding the way I say things about him (the words may sound ok, but the way I say them implies a negative attitude), teasing him in a downgrading way that seems like fun, but the kids get the message all too clear. Ephesians 5:33

Love To Obey Him

I think we can do this more easily when we truly understand that when we obey him, we are ultimately obeying the Father. It is an expectation of my Heavenly Father and it pleases Him when I obey and submit to my husband in everything. Ephesians 5:24

Feel Honored To Be Married To Him

This will require a "renewing of our mind" that Romans 12:2 speaks of. He is a gift to us. We chose to marry him, so we must have seen something that made us want to be a part of this God-ordained union of the two becoming one. He will fail us, but we are to keep in mind that we were created to be his help-meet and it is a high and honorable calling.  We will fail him as well.  When we look at our marriages as a blessing and become grateful for the marriage, it will change the way we act toward our husband. I have recently learned that our marriage is a picture of the gospel of the Lord Jesus. If I am doing poorly on my part, then I am portraying a messed up picture of the gospel. Wow! Read Ephesians 5:22-33

Joy In His Presence

The Lord dealt with me about joy several years ago and I will never forget it. It was a milestone in my spiritual journey with Christ and I know He was desiring for me to become a woman of joy. Keith takes delight in our relationship when I can be light-hearted and relaxed. I try to smile more and I try to be silly at times. When it gets tough is when life is tough. It is then that I desire to show forth deep abiding joy. It spills over into every aspect of our family life. I believe with all my heart that our husbands will like to be home more, if the wife is joyful. Read 1 Thes. 5:16-18

"God, would you help me and the women reading this to desire and discipline ourselves to become a godly wife. When we do this day in and day out, I believe it will be the first step in raising children who honor You."

Blessings on you and your family,


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  1. Loved this one Nichole! I heard once that that we should treat our husband as we would treat Jesus. If Jesus came to your door at the end of a very long day, how would you greet him? With a frown or stressed out tone of voice?... offering a short "Hey, welcome home, can u take out the trash and get these kids out of my hair for a while?!" for a greeting?... Grumbling about having to cook dinner and complaining about what so and so said and what "little Bobby" did to his sister and could he please handle that?! him a guilt trip for being a little late again and having to keep dinner warm??? NO WAY would we greet Jesus that way!!! But so many times we certainly do that to our husbands. God has BLESSED us with a partner... to share our lives with... to share everything with!! A wife's attitude in a marriage can make or break it.

    I agree whole-heartedly that honoring and reverencing our husbands should be a very important first step in raising our children. They should feel very secure that Mom and LOVE each other and aren't just roomates and parenting partners. I fail on a DAILY basis and am continually trying to do better next time, but feel like my children know, without a shadow of a doubt, that their Mom would happily follow their Dad to the end of the earth!

    And that is a beautiful picture of you and Keith!!