Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Priceless Birthday Girl!

Dear Nichole,

Happy Birthday! Wow... what a gift you are to me, our family, and to the Kingdom of the Living God! I am so honored to have been chosen by God to be your husband. His grace in giving you to me is overwhelming when I process all that you have become as a wife, mother, and friend. You have allowed the Lord Jesus to work in you and through you, and as a result, I see His work all around us!

You need to know that God is using you to make a difference, in me. You take very good care of me and our children. As a matter of fact, you take excellent care of us! I am grateful for your desire for the simple life. I know that sometimes people ask how can it be simple with seven children, but God has used you to keep us simple so that the things that really matter (faith, family, friends) are always our focus. I also believe that you make every day count. The things that you do throughout the course of each day is recorded in heaven and will last forever.

When I look at your life and how you willingly lay it down for your family, I am humbled beyond words. I appreciate how you take specific interest in me, and each one of our children. You make me laugh, you make us laugh... you make me me cry, you make us cry... you keep me fed physically and spiritually, you keep us fed physically and spiritually... you make me want to give God all that I have and all that I am... you make me want to give God all that we have and all that we are and I so appreciate that privilege.

God has given me the high honor of being your husband and friend. He has also given me the privilege of a great heritage in being the father of our children... On your birthday, I glorify God in the Life He is living in and through you every single day. He is using you to altar (yes, "ar" not "er") my life, keeping me ever close and dependent upon Him so that you, our children, and our family will be everything He designed for us to be, and that is Priceless, and so are you, Nichole... simply Priceless.

Happy Birthday!

Your Loving Husband,


  1. Happy Birthday mama I love you alot! I'm glad to be you daughter. you mean so much to me.I hope you have had a wonderful day!Like pappy says"Your Superwomen".Love,Your Daughter Madison

  2. HAPPY 34 BIRTHDAY MAMA. I love you lots and lots. I'm so so glad to be born and to be able to grow up by you as my mother. I am so bleased to live with you. I hope you had a great day! Love, your blessed daughter, Morgan

  3. Happy Birthday Mama! I love you! I hope you had a good day today. Your daughter, Mallory

  4. Hey Mommy, Happy Birthday to you today! I love you. I want to spend more time with you. Meghan

  5. Happy Birthday Mama, I love you! Joshua

  6. Happy Birthday Mama, thank you for the ice cream. I love you. Stephen

  7. Happy Birthday Mama! Thank you for taking very good care for me. I love you so much! Maleah

  8. Well, if that post by Keith wasn't enough to make me tear up, those comments by your sweet blessings sure did!!! Happy Birthday Nichole! I loved being able to spend part of it with you and your babies. You are a wonderful friend and I am so thankful for our time together. Love you!!

  9. good morning nichole,
    showers of blessings....we diddnt get a chance to make a comment last night, but we do hope you had a great birthday and YOU are a blessing to us as well,as a daughter, wife to Keith and as a mother to our grandchildren. You encourage me in my walk with our LORD, (that in itself should earn you some rewards!!) We are also just as blessed with Keith as our son in law, as a husband to our daughter and as a father to our grandchildren.and our blessings multiply to Madison, Morgan, Mallory, Meghan, Joshua, Stephen and Maleah.
    May GOD'S grace always abound upon you and your family for HIS eternal kingdom.
    We love you very much, Mama and Daddy