Friday, November 12, 2010

Meet Stephen Nicholas! #6

Hey, my name is Stephen, or as my daddy calls me "Stevie B". My mama calls me, WORK. I am your typical 2 year old little boy. And, instead of going on and on as if Stephen was speaking to you himself and sharing all of this wonderful stuff , I will cut to the chase and tell you all about him from our point of view.
Stephen has light brown hair and blue eyes. He loves to suck his thumb and pull on his right ear. He is super sweet and can be super ugly. Mostly sweet, though. He seems to be more laid back and quiet than his big brother, although he won't hesitate to let his sisters know when he has had enough!

Stephen is into everything!!!! More than any of the others. I am telling you that I can pick up one mess only to find that he has made another one while I was cleaning. His eyes immediately search out what he can get into. I do have to say that it seems that in the past few months it hasn't been as bad.I have decided that boys require so much physical energy. His likes to play around with different kinds of balls. He likes to ride his tricycle motorcycle. He loves to watch deer or turkey hunting on t.v. with his daddy. He is eagerly anticipating the day that he will actually get to accompany his daddy on a hunting trip. He and Joshua have been playing more together lately and enjoying time outside during this cooler weather. We love to see these brothers playing together. Even if it means we have to clean off the carport and pick up all the balls in the yard and turn off the running water and fill the holes in the ground back up with dirt or untie the ropes hanging out of the trees or bang the mud out of their shoes and scrub it out of their ears.

Stephen is our hugger and our kisser. He is very affectionate. We like to cuddle and love on Stephen, because he enjoys it as much as we do. I tell him he is my little "handsome" and he tells me, "No, I am Stephen."

One night after supper he came to me and said, "Thank you mama, that was berry good". Now won't that just melt your heart? So how could such a sweety test you to your very limits at times. He has been the first child to hit at us. Although, thanks to his daddy those times have been very few. We are working on training him to sit at the table the entire time we are all eating, to be still and quiet during church, to stop screaming when a sibling is bothering him, that temper tantrums will get him nowhere in the Boggs' house, to hold that head up when reprimanded, and please give that thumb a break!! We could go on and on. Does anyone see where I got the name WORK from? It is work to train up a child in the way of the Lord. It requires dedication, consistency, love, and joy.

Did I tell you that he loves his baby sister? Never a hint of jealousy with him since the day she was born. He immediately loved her and will just hug and kiss on her and be as gentle as any adult would with a baby. He tells her he loves her. We love him, and our prayer for him couldn't be any better than the prayer inspired by the Holy Spirit that Keith spoke over him just yesterday.

"God, I thank You that I can pray for my boy, Stephen. I love his name. I love to hear it. I long for Stephen to live according to his name... in that his life gives You maximum honor and glory. And as Stephen Nicholas grows and matures physically, I pray that he will develop spiritually into a man, as Stephen in the Bible, a man full of faith and of the Holy Ghost. God, crown Stephen victorious because he lives for You. Use him in our home now as he loves his mother and his siblings while I am away. In Jesus Name, Amen."

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